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Sensible approaches to build and maintain custom WordPress websites.

Hubspot Form Tracking in Google Tag Manager

Hubspot provides global form events that trigger three events related to forms. One occurs when a form is first loaded, and two when it’s submitted. These events provide a mechanism for triggering conversion pixels, but they don’t provide any of the values submitted with the form which makes it difficult to configure advanced matching with…

Advanced Spam Rules for Gravity Forms in WordPress

This is a follow-up to an earlier post that outlined the same method and approach, but additional examples are provided here that have been found effective in 2022/2023. Just about every website with contact forms has issues with spam submissions. Common approaches that have worked for years are no longer effective at blocking spammers. This…

Uninstalling Elasticsearch

Marketo Form Conversions in Google Tag Manager

Tracking conversions when a Marketo form is submitted on your website is a common step in ad optimizations. The following approach is what I’ve used with clients to track conversions when a Marketo form submission successfully occurs on their website. The events provided by the script can be used to trigger conversion pixels in any…

Drift Event Tracking in Google Tag Manager

The drift documentation provides a different method, but it requires code level changes to your site. Drift is already sending custom events to Google Tag Managers dataLayer, so these JavaScript event handlers are not necessary anymore. It’s likely that Drift will likely update their documentation to reflect this approach if they haven’t already. Google Tag… Slow Loading

Remove Box Shadows From One Side with CSS

CSS’s native clip-path property makes it very easy to cutoff a box-shadow on one or more sides of an element. If you’ve ever wanted to use a box-shadow like a border, imagining something similar to box-shadow-top: none, then this is an ideal solution. There are many other more complex ways mentioned around the web for…

Restart MongoDB Commands

It’s not entirely clear how to quickly start, stop and restart MongoDB with a command line, so I’ve documented it here based on the need for a simple, straightforward approach. MongoDB Commands Use the following commands to start, stop or restart MongoDB. Mac OS On Mac OS the installation process for MongoDB’s Community Edition uses…

Custom Corporate Zoom Branding

Zoom allows organizations to control certain aspects of the conferencing UX, applying colors, typography, logos, background and more to completely brand the experience of joining a corporate conference call. I’ve had a few requests to do this, so I thought an explanation on how it’s done may be helpful. Live Example A live example can…

Apple News Publisher Fonts List

A list of fonts available for use in Apple News when working with the publisher API, including list of each font. More information can found in Apple’s official documentation: Applying Apple News Format Fonts

Custom Spam Rules for Gravity Forms

This post is followed-up with another post containing more advanced examples and demos that have been found effective in 2022/2023. Gravity Forms is the most well known, and most used, form plugin available for WordPress. It’s a great tool, and one that I use on many of the sites I work on. Spam form submissions…

Transactional Email Delivery in WordPress

WordPress provides a built-in function for delivering programmatic emails: wp_mail. Without any modification this function will send emails directly from your web-server, which will arrive directly into your recipient’s spam folder (most likely). Email spam is vicious, and spam filtering technology has to be strong and strict to protect your inbox. Any email delivered right…

Unique Pageviews in Google Analytics 4

The older universal analytics implementation of Google Analytics has a “Unique Pageviews” metrics is a commonly used performance metric for many websites. Unfortunately the concept of _Unique Pageviews_ has been removed entirely Google Analytics 4, the metric doesn’t exist at all. Here’s how to revive it and track unique pageviews in GA4.

Most Common Cause of a Slow WordPress Admin

A slow WordPress admin is the worst, it can significantly reduce publishing productivity, and it’s a big pain for anyone that works in the admin frequently. It can be caused by many things, but the most common and least discussed seems to be slow HTTP API responses from premium or paid plugins that require a…

Offline Conversion Tracking

Tracking important business actions that happen beyond your website or application is a critical step for businesses in a disruptive industry. It’s one of the best ways to reduce your CAC, which is a top focus of disruptive companies looking to rapidly grow in a slow moving industry.