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Built-in WordPress Taxonomy & Post Type  Reference

Avoid using any of WordPress' built-in taxonomies and post types names to avoid collisions when creating custom taxonomies and post types.

Below is a list of WordPress built in taxonomy names and built-in post type names. Never name your custom taxonomies and post types with one these to avoid collisions.


  • category — Categories (Posts)
  • post_tag — Tags (Posts)
  • nav_menu — Menu items (Appearance > Menus)
  • post_format — Post formats

Post Types

  • post — Posts
  • page — Pages
  • attachment — Media attachments
  • revision — Post revisions
  • nav_menu_item — Menu items (Appearance > Menus)

This information can also be found in the WordPress codex, but it’s rather buried and difficult to find. Hopefully this helps anyone looking for a quick reference to the names of WordPress built in taxonomies.

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