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If content is king, it’s time we siege his castle, overthrow his vast kingdom and re-organize his army. I’ve been reading Gerry McGoverns’ Killer Web Content lately and he drives an interesting point. There is no doubt that content is king, it should be obvious to all of us that work on the web by now.

The Ladders Landing Page Design
The Ladders Landing Page Design
37 Signals Highrise Landing Page Design
37 Signals Highrise Landing Page Design Landing Page Landing Page
37 Signals Landing Page Design
37 Signals Landing Page Design

Is content king?

When clients here the oh-so-common web cliche “content is king” they sometimes misunderstand it. Just because content is king doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a lot of it. In this modern world bigger is often perceived as better and it’s unfortunate. Too much content can clog a design and overwhelm an audience. Imagine if Hollywood producers began to follow the “more is better” business model; we would have a competition for longest movie.

Make it clear, make it simple

If you look at modern, high budget, landing page design trends you’ll notice a trend in simplicity and clarity. By high budget what I mean is any website that has the budget to do extensive A/B testing on landing pages. This allows them to determine what design is most profitable in terms of conversion rates.

It’s quality, not quantity

What makes a good product is the quality of the information, not the quantity. Keep this in mind the next time you write that promotional blog entry or design that next landing page. The web has plenty of content, we’ve covered that one already. Now is the time to create quality web content that is concise and clear.

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