Transactional Emails Sent by  WordPress

Complete list of all built-in email notifications sent by a WordPress, and how to disable them

Big list of every transactional email sent by a WordPress website, and how to stop the ones you don’t want.

Built-in WordPress Emails


  • New WordPress Site

User Registration & Authentication

  • [{SITENAME}] Notice of Password Change
  • [{SITENAME}] Admin Email Changed
  • [{SITENAME}] Network Admin Email Changed
  • [{SITENAME}] Password Changed
  • [{SITENAME}] Email Changed
  • [{SITENAME}] Password Changed
  • [{SITENAME}] New User Registration
  • [{SITENAME}] Login Details

Automatic Updates

  • [{SITENAME}] Your site has updated to WordPress %2$s
  • [{SITENAME}] WordPress %2$s is available. Please update!
  • [{SITENAME}] URGENT: Your site may be down due to a failed update
  • [{SITENAME}] Some plugins and themes have automatically updated
  • [{SITENAME}] Some plugins were automatically updated
  • [{SITENAME}] Some themes were automatically updated
  • [{SITENAME}] Some plugins and themes have failed to update
  • [{SITENAME}] Some plugins have failed to update
  • [{SITENAME}] Some themes have failed to update
  • [{SITENAME}] Background Update Failed
  • [{SITENAME}] Background Update Finished

Multisite Networks

  • [{NETWORK TITLE}] Network Admin Email Changed’


  • [{SITENAME}] Personal Data Export
  • [{SITENAME}] Confirm Action: Export Personal Data
  • [{SITENAME}] Confirm Action: Erase Personal Data
  • [{SITENAME}] Action Confirmed: Export Personal Data
  • [{SITENAME}] Action Confirmed: Erase Personal Data


  • [{SITENAME}] Trackback: “{POST TITLE}
  • [{SITENAME}] Pingback: “{POST TITLE}
  • [{SITENAME}] Comment: “{POST TITLE}

Disable Specific Email Notifications

You can use the following PHP function to stop WordPress from sending specific email notifications.

 * Filter Email Notifications
 * @param bool|null $return short-circuit return value
 * @param array     $atts   array of the `wp_mail()` arguments
function pre_wp_mail( $return, $atts ) {
  $subject = $atts['subject'];

  $globs = [
    'New Site Registration*',
    'New User Registration*',

  foreach ( $globs as $glob ) {
    if ( fnmatch( $glob, $subject ) ) {
      return false;

  return $return;
add_filter( 'pre_wp_mail', 'pre_wp_mail', 99, 2 );

This approach can also be used to filter email in other ways:

  • Filter email notifications sent by WordPress
  • Avoid sending to specific emails to specific people
  • Stop WordPress sending email based on the email content

Be cautious while doing this, adjusting emails is advanced and if you’re not careful it could negatively affect core functionality that’s critical to your WordPress website.

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