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Sensible approaches to build and maintain custom WordPress websites.

Building a Server-Side Event Tracking Application

The percentage of web users browsing with built-in browser tracking protection enabled is rapidly growing, and as browsers begin to ship with these features enable by default, like Apple’s ITP, the client-side attribution techniques that digital advertisers have relied on for years will become progressively less effective. I do some work with a software company…

WordPress Explained for Business Owners

WordPress is an online publishing system that allows individuals and businesses to create and manage a website without needing to learn complicated computer code. It can be setup easily on many web hosts, is not difficult to automatically maintain, and can be extended to suite your needs as you grow. For business owners, this last part is critically important.

Force WordPress to Use HTTPS

Loading all requests on your WordPress website over HTTPS is a must-have these days, for security as well as SEO reasons. According to Google’s Transparency Report, about 90% of web traffic through Google Chrome, one of the most popular web browsers, is secured via HTTPS. To force your WordPress website to always use https:// (and…

Remove srcset in WordPress

Since version 4.4 WordPress has shipped with built-in responsive images. This feature will automatically add srcset size variations to all CMS controlled images. Since WordPress 4.4, native responsive images is supported by including srcset and sizes attributes to the image markup it generates. While srcset does have its uses, but sometimes it ends up creating…

Google Analytics Queries for BigQuery

Google Analytics 4 can be directly connected to Google BigQuery, allowing us to work with the underlying data in our ways. Once a connection is configured you can query a database of Google Analytics data directly to find specific, highly accurate, conclusions to business questions.

Domain Redirects in CloudFlare

Redirect an entire domain in CloudFlare, forwarding all non-WWW traffic to WWW, or WWW to the root domain at the page level with a single rule. This single rule will redirect a root domain (non-www) to the equivalent on the `www.` subdomain URL is with a single page-level 301 redirect. Page level means that if someone visits `` we want them to be redirected to ``.

Kinsta Git Push Deployment

Kinsta provides good WordPress hosting that’s comparable to WPEngine in many ways, but it’s lacking one important feature that many developers can’t live without: git push deployment. It allows for fast, zero downtime deployments that can be rolled back instantly when needed. It’s the best way to deploy updates to a professional WordPress site, and…

Disable WordPress RSS Feeds

Ways to disable all built-in RSS feeds in WordPress, serving a 404 Page Not Found when one is visited.

Trusted SSL Certificates for Localhost

The best way I’ve found to create valid SSL certificates for localhost web development, on many domains.

SalesForce Custom Campaign Types & Member Statuses

SalesForce campaigns have two fields that I see commonly customized: Campaign Member Status and Campaign Type. Just about every SalesForce instance I’ve worked with has customized these values, but yet there seems to be no real defined standards. Over the years, I’ve come up with a set of guidelines I recommend starting with.

WPMU: Add User to All Sites in a Multisite Network

One of the pesky things about WordPress MU is testing. Every time I work with a WPMU site I find myself needing single level site admins in addition to network super admin users. Multisite provides an Add User screen inside of the Network Admin area to do this manually, but it’s slow and cumbersome. I’ve…

Correcting Typographic Widows with PHP

A typographic widow is a word alone on its own line, and it usually doesn’t look good. On the web, it often happens with headings, and there isn’t a clean way to correct it with CSS alone. There are some JavaScript approaches, but I’ve found PHP to be best because it avoids any shifting layouts…

TikTok Conversion & Attribution Tracking

TikTok advertising is quickly becoming a major advertising channel for US brands. Facebook’s limitations on audiences and targeting approach for certain business categories (like financial) have made other advertising platforms like TikTok more beneficial dollar for dollar. I’ve done a handful of TikTok pixel tracking implementations, and the most thorough and reliable approach involves a…

WPEngine Sage/Blade Templates Broken 1/18/2023

On 1/18/2023 numerous WordPress sites using the Roots Sage theme began experiencing issues on WPEngine. If you are a developer or WPEngine customer experiencing trouble with the roots sage theme or blade template compiling, then this fix may save you trouble. Previous Approach (broken 1/18/2023) Prior to today, the following approach worked well to get…

JavaScript Precise Age from a Birthdate

Calculating a precise age in years from a birthdate with JavaScript is not as simple as it seems. To be truly precise you need to factor in time zone, daylight savings time variations and leap years. If you’ve been digging around the web then you’ve seen many approaches that will get you part of the…