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SVN Checksum Mismatch Errors on Commit in  Coda

During development today I received a nasty Checksum mismatch Subversion (SVN) error during the commit process in my editor, Coda.

The Error

svn: Checksum mismatch for '.svn/text-base/index.php.svn-base'; 
expected: 'f8d45250f7df5561635854165862fdd8', 
actual: '644f85c4befa671150c5c6ec5fad9885'

It seems that Coda had changed the Subversion (SVN) reference versions of some of my repository files, causing this file mismatch.

The Solution

The fix was simple:

  1. Delete the directory containing the problematic file
  2. When prompted, choose Move to Trash, NOT Remove and Delete
  3. In your Source Control Status dialog, you will see an error that mentions your folder is missing
  4. Click the Update button to the right of the folder error

That’s it, at least that was all that was needed for my specific circumstance. If you’re still having trouble I would suggest checking out the following helpful resources.

Helpful Resources

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