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Custom Corporate Zoom  Branding

Custom corporate branding for Zoom landing pages, emails, and more.

Zoom allows organizations to control certain aspects of the conferencing UX, applying colors, typography, logos, background and more to completely brand the experience of joining a corporate conference call. I’ve had a few requests to do this, so I thought an explanation on how it’s done may be helpful.

Live Example

A live example can be seen at, which is a Zoom branding project I handled for

custom zoom branding

Access to Branding

To get started you’ll need Administrator level access to the organizations Zoom account in order to access the Branding section of the ADMIN.

Once you have access you can:

  1. Login at the organization’s custom URL, or at
  2. Under the ADMIN menu click Advanced, then Branding
  3. Begin adding customizations

Customization Options

Once you have access you’ll be able to brand the following aspects of Zoom:

  • Landing Page – Full HTML editing abilities with template tags
  • Header/Footer/Sidebar
    • Logo URL – Replace the Zoom logo with your own
    • Header HTML – Full HTML editing abilities with template tags
    • Footer HTML – Full HTML editing abilities with template tags
  • CSS
    • UI for codeless changes (not recommended)
    • Custom CSS (recommended)
  • Images – Allows you to upload images to be used in HTML/CSS
  • Emails – More details below
  • Zoom Rooms – Upload your own custom background image
  • Meetings and Webinars
    • Meeting Post Attendee URL
    • Message on Audio Conferencing
    • Message when sharing registration page to social network (Facebook and LinkedIn)

Email Customizations

Emails can be customized with a new Subject, Content, and also design with modifications to the underlying HTML template used.

Zoom supports customizing the following email templates with branding:


Sign-up Email After signing up, an email verification will be sent to activate the account.
Forgot Password Email An email will be sent to reset the password
Reset Password Notification Email After resetting the password, an email will be sent to notify the change.
Zoom Account Sign In Assistant This e-mail provides guidance for users experiencing issues while attempting to sign in
Zoom Account Sign Up Assistant If the account is already registered and activated, an confirmation email will be sent.
Admin Change Email If sign-in email is changed by admin, an email will be sent to confirm the change.


Meeting Invite Email Hosts can copy the plain text invitation from meetings in progress
Meeting Schedule Email Hosts copy this email from the scheduled meeting detail page. The HTML version can be used for Outlook plugin when they schedule a meeting through Outlook.
Meeting Cancelled Email When a meeting is cancelled, a cancellation email will be sent to the invitees.
Registrants Confirmation Email Registrants receive a confirmation email if the registration is auto approved or approved by the host
Meeting Updated Notification Email When the meeting details are updated, the alternative host(s), and the registrants will receive the updated invitation.
Meeting Rescheduled Notification Email Send a rescheduling email to meeting invitees
Personal Audio Conference Schedule Email Send Personal Audio Conference Schedule Email to invitees
JBH Reminder Email If meeting participants join before the host, the host will receive a notification email.
Alternative Host Invitation Email After the meeting is scheduled, the alternative host will receive this email.
Alternative Host Cancellation Email If host removed alternative host from a meeting, the alternative host will receive this email.
Schedule Meeting for a Host After scheduling a meeting for the host, a notification email will be sent.
Update Meeting for a Host After rescheduling a meeting for the host, send a notification email.
Cancel Meeting for a Host After canceling the host meeting, a notification email will be sent.


Cloud Recording Available Notification Email When the cloud record is ready for watch, a notification email is sent to host.
Auto Delete Cloud Recording Notification Email A notification email will be sent to host 7 days before the cloud recording is permanently deleted from trash.

Important Details

There is no testing or proofing setup available. I suggest making the modifications as HTML locally and first presenting them to your client or team outside of Zoom. Once approved you can then move them into Zoom under the branding menu. It takes a little more time, but it’s the only way to verify the look before making changes.

Branding changes only apply to the organizations vanity URL ( Branding will not apply when accessing the web portal from

More information is available on Zoom branding at If you’re looking for a web developer that can help your organization setup custom zoom branding I can help, Contact me for more information.

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