How to Setup All in One SEO for  WordPress

All in One SEO for WordPress is a powerful plugin that will quickly make your WordPress Websites’ SEO (search engine optimization) rock solid. Here’s how you can begin to setup All in One SEO:

  1. Download, upload and install the All In One SEO pack.
  2. Go to Settings > All in One SEO
  3. Enter your settings

The default settings that come with the installation are pretty solid, but if you want to add some better <title>’s for clarity and a better user experience you can. Click on any of the form labels to get a dropdown of the accepted All in One SEO tags / variables.

For I’ve used the following settings:

  • Home Title: Boston Blog Developer – Boston Web Designer |
  • Home Description: Kevin Leary is a Boston Web Designer & Developer specializing in WordPress Websites and WordPress Training & Consultation for Businesses and Individuals.
  • Home Keywords: web design, javascript, blog, jquery, css, xhtml, wordpress, user interface design, front end web development, interaction design, web development, php, mysql
  • Canonical URLs: Yes
  • Rewrite Titles: Yes
  • Post Title Format: %post_title% | %blog_title%
  • Page Title Format: %page_title% | %blog_title%
  • Category Title Format: %category_title% Articles | %blog_title%
  • Archive Title Format: %date% Archives | %blog_title%
  • Tag Title Format: Items tagged with %tag% | %blog_title%
  • Search Title Format: Search results for %search% | %blog_title%
  • Description Format: %description%
  • 404 Title Format: Nothing found for %request_words% | %blog_title%
  • Paged Format: – Part %page%
  • Use Categories for META keywords: Yes
  • Dynamically Generate Keywords for Posts Page: Yes
  • Use noindex for Categories: Yes
  • Use noindex for Archives: Yes
  • Use noindex for Tag Archives: Yes
  • Autogenerate Descriptions: Yes

This setup has proved pretty promising for SEO on Do you have any suggestions? What setup are you using on your WordPress Website?

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