50 Well Designed Websites Using  WordPress

With WordPress being honored as a Hall of Fame CMS for 2010 by Packt Publishing, it’s worth mentioning some well designed websites powered by it. If you disagree with my opinions, or have any suggestions by all means fire away your comments below, I’d love to hear them!

Varmland of Scandinavia

Varmland of Scandinavia Travel Website built with WordPress

hMAG: Hoboken Lifestyle Magazine

hMAG BuddyPress Setup

Obey Giant: Shepard Fairey Artwork

Obey Giant - Showcase of Shepard Fairey Artwork driven by WordPress

The Next Web

The Next Web powers their online news network with WordPress

Software Quality Connection

Software Quality Connection WordPress Powered Web Design

Openview Partners

Openview Partners Corporate Web Design using WordPress by Kevin Leary

Energy Hub

EnergyHub Corporate Web Design using WordPress

The Harvard Gazette

Harvard Gazette developed using WordPress


Bloginity WordPress Powered Online Magazine


Spotify WordPress Design - Great Product Page Design


Kate Rusby developed using WordPress

Mozilla Labs

Mozilla Labs built using WordPress


Typographica Typography Website powered by WordPress

Internet Gentleman

Internet Gentleman WordPress Powered Web Design

Down with Webster

Down with Webster WordPress Powered Web Design

Think Oomph

Think Oomph WordPress Powered Web Design

Volkswagen TDI Blog

VW TDI WordPress Powered Web Design

Dr. Hyman

Dr. Hyman Community & Health Information Website driven by WordPress

Clot Inc.

Clot Inc. Web Agency build using WordPress

Information Architects

Information Architects built using WordPress

Nordkapp Experience Design

Nordkapp Agency Powered by WordPress

Go Media

Go Media Digital Agency Powered by WordPress

Big Spaceship

Big Spaceship Digital Creative Agency powered by WordPress

Think Vitamin

Think Vitamin Blog for Web Designers and Developers created using WordPress

Content Rules

Content Rules - Global Content Experts choose WordPress to power their website


Ecoki Eco-Lifestyle Community powered by WordPress

45royale Inc.

45royale Web Design Studio is developed with WordPress

Alpha Multimedia

Alpha Multimedia Solutions, Inc. is driven by WordPress

Eight Hour Day

Eight Hour Day Freelance Design Couple choose WordPress to power their website

Stop Design

Douglas Bowman, Google Web Designer chooses WordPress to power his popular portfolio and blog

Oyster Design

Oyster Design, Web and Graphic Design develops their website with WordPress

UX Booth

UX Booth: User Experience and Usability Blog Community is built using WordPress

Lucas Hirata

UX Designer Lucas Hirata powers his website with WordPress

Lee Munroe

Lee Munroe, Talented Web Designer, builds her portfolio website with WordPress

Goalmouth CNN Blog

CNN Sports Blog Goalmouth is driven by WordPress, along with many other CNN blogs

Nettuts by Envato Network

The entire Envato network is powered by WordPress

Smashing Magazine

The entire Smashing Magazine network is powered by WordPress - a great high traffic WordPress example

Philips Coach Blog

The Philips Corporate Coach Blog chooses WordPress

TED Blog

TED.com uses WordPress to power it's Blog

Citizen Schools

Citizen Schools uses a Multisite WordPress Installation to power it's sub-directory website

Lafayette College

Lafayette College uses WordPress to power their higher education website

Today’s Document

Today's Document was built using WordPress

42 Below

The 42below website is a funky design is built with WordPress

The Little Stylebook

A great website designed for and developed with WordPress


Volcube is a simple, clean SaaS website built with WordPress

Spyre Studios

A great source of Web Design information

The Pixel

A very creative website to inspire your next web design project

OpenView Labs

The entire OpenView multisite network is powered by WordPress - and me!

Iron to Iron

Iron to Iron is the agency founded by well known WordPress developer Jonathan Christopher of mondaybynoon.com

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