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Today I came across a service I think has the potential to be pretty valuable. plans to provide information for college students interested in the web industry. Things change on the web every day. With things happening so quickly, how can students be sure that what they are learning in the classroom is actually valuable in the workplace?

As a recent graduate I personally experienced this at college. I realize that it is not an easy task to find motivated professionals willing to take time out of their busy lives to teach. Teaching a web design or development class isn’t exactly the same as teaching history, or any other traditional subject for that matter. If your passion is history, then you will most likely aspire to be a history professor at a university with a great reputation. Some day you will find yourself at the height of your career working as a professor for that university. If you’re a web designer, things don’t quite pan out that way. You may see the height of your career as working as creative director at a high-end, cutting-edge web agency.

In order to keep current with web technologies, such as web standards, students need to find that late night drive and learn on their own. During college I knew what I was passionate about, and spent much of my free time working for that. Sure I was not the typical student, but who cares. I constantly found myself sacrificing a grade in English or Business Law in order to learn more about web design and development. This is not to say that these other courses aren’t important, but let’s face it, a low grade in some courses won’t significantly affect your life after college.

I guess what I’m really trying to get across here is that a high GPD doesn’t mean much in the field of Web Design. Skills, drive and a strong will to be a life learner do. Once ScrunchUp launches I’ll plan on frequenting their forums to provide any help I can.

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