MAMP Pro Wildcard DNS / Virtual HostI use MAMP Pro for my Mac OS localhost WordPress development environment. Lately, I’ve been working with a few WordPress multisite subdomain installs, and I’ve been frustrated without the inability to setup a local Wildcard DNS using the Hosts > General > Aliases option. Luckily, I found a work-around to enable Wildcard DNS on my localhost for each Host I have set. Here’s how I did it:

Follow These Steps

  1. Open up MAMP Pro
  2. Go to: File -> Edit Template -> Apache -> httpd.conf
  3. Search for this line: ServerName MAMP_VirtualHost_ServerName_MAMP
  4. Add this directly below it: ServerAlias *.MAMP_VirtualHost_ServerName_MAMP
  5. Restart MAMP.

That’s it, you now have a localhost wildcard DNS setup for your MAMP Pro development environment.

Be aware

This will automatically add a wildcard ServerAlias to all your MAMP Pro hosts, which you may or may not want depending on your situation.

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