It looks like the developers who created More Fields have been hard at work in order to accommodate the upcoming release of WordPress 3.0. They’ve updated to more Fields Plugin to 1.5, adding some much needed bug fixes. Beyond that they have branched the More Fields project into a series of “More” CMS plugins.

More Fields 2.0

The highlight of this is the ability to add additional Post types besides the built in Posts and Pages. Could this bring More Fields close to the realm of Pods?

More Types 1.0

This splits off the ability to create post types from More Fields since it’s built into the core of WordPress 3.0.

More Taxonomies 1.0

This allows you to create custom taxonomies specific to your post types created with More Types. Very cool indeed.

More Roles 1.0

With More Roles you’ll be able to customized the 5 default user roles built into WordPress, and even add new ones. As best put by the development team: You could for instance create a new role for a specific department in your organization and allow only them to post items in a specific post type.

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