Browser Testing with Xenocode
Browser Testing with Xenocode

One of the toughest things about developing a website on a Mac is cross browser testing. Luckily, a company called Xenocode has released an interesting browser based solution that works better than any other method I have seen.

Check it out here

With Xenocode’s Browser Plugin you can load:

  1. Internet Explorer 8
  2. Internet Explorer 7
  3. Internet Explorer 6
  4. Firefox 3
  5. Firefox 2
  6. Safari
  7. Google Chrome
  8. Opera

It requires the installation of a *.exe file, which in my opinion is a little unsettling. Since I’m using VMware to run a copy of Windows XP on my Mac I’m not too worried; I barely use Windows.

So far I have had no problems, and I absolutely love the convenience of it.

About the Author

Kevin Leary is a freelance web developer in Boston, MA specializing in enterprise WordPress development, conversion optimization and JavaScript development.