It is surprisingly difficult to do this share a page link from iPad Safari to Twitter. The best solution seems to be the Twitter Share bookmarklet, which isn’t as simple as you might expect.

How to Add The Bookmarklet

  1. Add this page as a bookmark by tapping the “+” icon
  2. Select/highlight the entire Twitter Share Bookmarklet Code below and copy the it to your clipboard
  3. In Safari go to your bookmarks and edit this new bookmark
  4. Edit the name and paste the Bookmarklet code in the field for the URL

Twitter Share Bookmarklet Code

javascript:(function(){window.twttr=window.twttr||{};var D=550,A=450,C=screen.height,B=screen.width,H=Math.round((B/2)-(D/2)),G=0,F=document,E;if(C>A){G=Math.round((C/2)-(A/2))}'','','left='+H+',top='+G+',width='+D+',height='+A+',personalbar=0,toolbar=0,scrollbars=1,resizable=1');E=F.createElement('script');E.src='';F.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(E)}());

This combined with the bookmarks bar option is a great way to quickly save/send any webpage you view in Safari on your iPad to Twitter.

About the Author

Kevin Leary is a freelance web developer in Boston, MA specializing in enterprise WordPress development, conversion optimization and JavaScript development.