Over the past few years WordPress has quickly become the most popular publishing system on the web, powering 17% of the internet. Reputable brands have taken notice, and the number of large companies using WordPress to power their empires online is continuously on the rise.

This list explores the noteworthy brands that leverage WordPress to power their online initiatives.

NBC Sports

Screenshot of nbcsports.msnbc.com


Screenshot of infocus.emc.com


Screenshot of techcrunch.com


Screenshot of blog.ted.com


Screenshot of gigaom.com

TIME Magazine

Screenshot of life.time.com


Screenshot of mashable.com


Screenshot of blogs.reuters.com

New York Times

Screenshot of www.nytimes.com


Screenshot of edition.cnn.com

Boing Boing

Screenshot of boingboing.net


Screenshot of allthingsd.com


Screenshot of thinkblue.vw.com

Martha Stewart

Screenshot of www.themarthablog.com

Herman Miller

Screenshot of www.hermanmiller.com


Screenshot of blog.groupon.com


Screenshot of www.racing.ups.com

What did I miss? (tell me!)

Do you know of any reputable brands using WordPress that I missed? Post a comment below with a link and I’ll add it to the article above, crediting you as the source!

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