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Wildcard Find & Replace in Sublime  Text

This simple regex rule makes wildcard find and replace routines easy in Sublime Text

This should have been easier for me to understand, but regex still gives me headaches. For anyone wanting to run a search and replace in Sublime Text that contains wildcard values this can be used:


For example, we could use the following search string to find a set of anchor links.

<a href="[^<]+" data-attribute="Something special">[^<]+</a>

Find and replace regex wildcard in Sublime Text

Using this in the Find: field within Sublime Text 2/3 would match both of the following links:

<a href="" data-attribute="Something special">Blog</a>
<a href="" data-attribute="Something special">About</a>

Just make sure you have the regex option selected, it looks like a fancy asterisk character and it’s the option farthest to the left in the search dialog. See the screenshot below for details.

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