WordPress Websites

  • Custom Theme Development. We hand code each theme to meet the specified needs of the implementation, drastically improving code stability, performance and most importantly: future maintenance and extendability. This is a vital step for enterprise and B2B businesses with WordPress powered websites.
  • Simple & Thoughtful Content Management. Custom content management systems and publishing systems using custom post types, taxonomies, meta boxes, and site settings panels that are well thought through for future scalability and maintainability.
  • API Integration. Connecting and integrating WordPress with third-party HTTP API's including Stripe, SalesForce, Taleo, PayPal, Indeed, LinkedIn, Marketo, Pardot, HubSpot, Twilio, Amazon MWS, Amazon S3, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, 
  • CRM Integration. Custom and advanced implementations for marketing automation and user profiling systems including SalesForce, HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Console, Google Tag Manager, KISSmetrics and Segment.io.
  • eCommerce & Monthly Billing. Process and funnel design for eCommerce and month-to-month billing systems using integrations with services like Stripe, PayPal, WooCommerce and Shopify.
  • Custom Plugin Development. Advanced plugin and theme development for WordPress including custom administrator dashboards, database tables, user tracking and lead management, and automated content publishing and management.
  • Advanced Analytics Implementations. We're both comfortable and excited about creating custom goals, funnels, AB tests, and event based tracking setups with tools like Segment.io, KISSmetrics, Chartbeat, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager.
  • User Signup & Registration. Extending WordPress or full-scale CRUD application development using Node.js and Hapi.js to create user registration software sites.
  • SEO & Search Engine Optimizations. Including but not limited to SEO coaching, keyword research, SERP ranking analysis and performance tracking, campaign optimization to identify and rank for top keywords on search engines.
  • WordPress Database Migrations & Cleanup. Large scale data migrations involving custom SQL and command-line scripting
  • Website Performance Audits. A full-stack approach to understand and diagnose front-end and back-end code performance issues.
  • WordPress CMS (re)architecture. Re-implementing broken and poorly performing systems to provide automation and simplified website management.

UI Design & Front-end Development

  • Responsive & Mobile Design. Implement responsive CSS and HTML5 to your existing website layout or design in order to provide better experiences for mobile users.
  • Interface Design. Decipher complex business problems into simple, elegant solutions that drive real results with your customers. 
  • Application Prototyping. Work hands on with a UI designer that has a deep knowledge of code and back-end systems to craft interface designs that can and will be implemented within the constraints of your software infrastructure.
  • Front-end Implementations. Work with a designer that can assist with the implementation into your web application.
  • Lead Funnel Optimization. Create or re-design your web-based funnels and dramatically increase the conversion rate of your inbound sales funnel(s).
  • Modern JavaScript Development. Build micro or full-scale JavaScript applications using the power of Node.js and front-end frameworks like Angular.js and Backbone.

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Tufts Medical Center Website Developer MIT WordPress Developer EMC WordPress Developer Not Your Average Joes WordPress Developer TripAdvisor's WordPress Developer

Customer Love

Kevin's unique ability as both an artist and a developer has become invaluable to our firm. Our work together is fast-paced, highly effective and continuously improving.

Scott Maxwell Managing Director & Founding Partner at OpenView Venture

Kevin embraced our new brand, consolidated the vision of many different stakeholders, and built us a beautiful website.

Sarah McAuley Senior Communications Manager at EnerNOC Inc.

Kevin has a unique ability to convey complex ideas in a quick and concise manner and to keep the project on track with his excellent communication and organization skills.

Donna Deangelis PR & Communications Specialist, Edwards Co. at Edwards Co.

Kevin's is able to quickly move to new and different concepts and move between design and development without frustration or attachment to his work, allowing us to quickly iterate through new ideas.

Scott Maxwell Managing Director & Partner at OpenView Venture Partners

Kevin is an incredibly talented freelance WordPress designer. His constant thirst for knowledge with regard to topics like responsive design, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, WordPress and general best practices surrounding innovation on the web has been an inspiration to the entire team at Fresh Tilled Soil.

Alex Fedorov Creative Director & Co-founder at Fresh Tilled Soil

Kevin is a great person to have as a go-to to bounce ideas off of, I highly recommend him as a web design freelancer.

Sarah McAuley Senior Communications Manager at EnerNOC Inc.

The custom WordPress CMS that Kevin built for us is easy to use, even for someone not familiar with WordPress. Kevin has also made himself more than available to fix any problems that we do have with the websites, or to make updates as we need them. I can't recommend him highly enough as a freelance WordPress developer.

Jean Levasseur Senior Project Manager at Captains of Industry

Kevin kept our redesign project on track with his excellent communication and organization skills.

Donna Deangelis PR & Communications Specialist, Edwards Co. at Edwards Co.

I have huge admiration for Kevin's enthusiasm for learning and his amazing ability to apply what he learns almost instantly. Kevin is one of the cornerstone's of our company's success. His opinion and skills hold a lot of weight in both internal and client matters. I look forward to working with Kevin for many years to come.

Richard Banfield Founder & CEO at Fresh Tilled Soil

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