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Sensible approaches to build and maintain custom WordPress websites.

Better Web Design Workflow using OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

Taking advantage of shortcut keys can save valuable time, speed up your workflow and increase productivity. I’ve put together a list of links to shortcuts and cheat sheets for the various applications and tools I frequently encounter. Please let me know if I’m missing out on anything extraordinary (because I probably am). Mac OS X…

Highlight Current WordPress Post

I came across a dilemma recently. I wanted to highlight the WordPress post that is currently shown in my sidebar menu. I couldn’t find a sound solution for this, so here’s what I came up with. Using JavaScript and jQuery 1.2.3 I was able to highlight the current post in the WordPress navigation, or sidebar…

Safe MailTo’s With jQuery

There is a newer version of this post available called jQuery Mailto Links Plugin: Version 1.1 Here’s a small snippet I created on the job, I thought some people may find it useful. It was built using jQuery version 1.2.3. The purpose of this snippet is reject those nasty spam bots from stealing your (or…

Search Field Focus & Blur Effects with jQuery

This article will show you how to use the jQuery JavaScript library to create a search field displaying a value such as “Enter your search terms here.” When a user clicks into that field the value will disappear, allowing the user to enter there search terms. If a user clicks out of that search field without entering anything, the default value will return to the field.